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Who are we ?

My name is Anthony and I am married with children and a gorgeous little Granddaughter. A few years ago we got a little fed up of the humdrum of life and the same things day in day out.
With this in mind my wife and I decided to try a new venture and decided to launch our own business designing and making personalised greeting cards.
We were very sceptical at first because of the harsh competition out there and did not think that we would stand a chance in the market. How wrong we were !
We started just by making and listing a few cards we created on our own seller platform and before we knew it we had to create a business account and register ourselves as a business with HMRC.
Since then we have grown from strength to strength and we continue to do so. In fact a lot of our reviews and feedback state that we are much better than the competition. This is not only because of the cards we produce, but because we offer a very personal service ensuring that each customer is treated with respect and the individuality they deserve. We do not offer a fully robotic service which means that we interact with our customers whenever the need arises and we are always on hand 24 hours a day.
All of our greeting card is sourced from a German paper mill resulting in high quality card that you cannot get here in the UK. We even tried Hallmark card and it was not anywhere near the quality we have now.
We ensure that all of our greeting cards are designed with the greatest care and attention you would expect from us.
We also ensure that we price our products realistically and we even offer free postage within the UK beating the competition hands down.
We have an immense and loyal customer base with hundreds of returning customers and hopefully we can continue this trend for many years to come.
Thank you and welcome to Karmakards

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