Please take a look at our FAQs before getting gin touch as we may be able to answer your question here.

Q - How do I customise an item ?

A - It really is very easy. When browsing our website if you click on a product you will see its item description page and you will also see a few little boxes asking you for information. You just pop in the details of the person the card is for and then buy your item[s]. When we receive your order the details you typed in appear on our order form to make your item.

Q - Why are your products so cheap compared to others ?

A - As we are a family run business we realise the importance of getting a decent item at a decent price. We have carefully worked out all costing to ensure that we can bring our products to you at an affordable rate. We do not believe in taking advantage of our customers like others.

Q - I am not sure on something before I buy, can you help me ?

A - Yes, absolutely. One of our team will be more than happy to help you if you would just like to the form in the contact us page. We normally answer within around 15 minutes of receiving your query, sometimes sooner. Since producing this page we have introduced our new `Live Chat` facility and so if you would like to speak to us just hop on board and send us your message and we will be happy to help.

Q - How soon do you post my item out after ordering.

A - Great question. If you have missed reading our delivery information at the bottom of each page I will summarise here. If you order Mon - Fri before 1pm we can normally get your item mailed out to you on the same day. If you order after 1pm then it would normally be mailed out the next morning depending on how busy we are. If you order after 1pm on a Friday then we post out on Saturday morning. No orders are sent out on a Sunday or on a Bank holiday, Christmas (Our Christmas cut off date for postage is 19th December) and New year etc.

Q - What do you do with the details I provide for customising my order when my order is complete ?

A - Security is our top priority and there is no exception when it comes to customisation details provided for any order. When you submit your form to us we get an invoice our end confirming your order. The website itself does not retain any information. When your order is completed we retain the invoice until the end of the working day when our accounts are updated. We do not enter any details of orders or customers when entering sales into our accounts and all invoices are then shredded so we do not retain any details from you whatsoever. If you have created an account on our website then we only have the details which you have agreed to provide us with upon creating your account and these are not shared with any other entity and are completely secure. If you change your mind you can always cancel the account you set up.

Q - I realised I entered something wrong into the customisation form when I placed my order. What now ?

A - If this is the case you will need to contact us immediately as we will not chase up or query anything you have entered as it is company policy to make exactly what the customer orders. This is to prevent us breaching our own rules and to prevent us making educated guesses and making changes which may be incorrect resulting in complaints to us. If your order is still with us we can make the change you require before sending your order. If the item has left us then I am afraid you would need to re-order your item ensuring that you provide the correct details.

Q - My item has arrived and I am not happy with it. Can I get my money back ?

A - Under the Consumer Rights Act you have the right to reject a product with any valid reason. If we have made a mistake with your order, all we as is that you send us a photo via e-mail of the card and we will check against your order. If a mistake has been made and you would like a replacement then there will be no charge. If you would like a refund then being our mistake with a photo provided by you then we will issue a full refund. If you cannot provide a photo then we would need you to return the item to us before we send a replacement or refund. This is the same as if you were returning an item to a store.

Q - I have ordered something and I have changed my mind and no longer want it. Can I get my money back ?

A - As you are aware, all of our products are personalised and so they are made specifically for you and are of no use to us or anyone else after being made. So unfortunately, if the item has been made for you then we are not liable to issue any refund as laid out in our Terms and Conditions page. If your order is still waiting to be made and you get in touch with us immediately then yes of course, we will cancel your order and issue you with a full refund.

Q - What are the benefits of creating an account with you ?

A - Quite simply, if you are intending to purchase many items from us then it is easy for you to keep track of what you have ordered in the past. You will also receive any new offers and product updates from us to keep you up to speed with our latest additions so that you never miss out. Creating an account also means that you can store your preferred payment option in your account making for a faster and safer checkout each and every time as you will not have to risk your payment details by entering them manually online.

Q - Compared to the bigger names out there, how do I know I can trust your company ?

A - Let`s face it even they started somewhere. However, we have been established since 2015 and have had a store on Amazon ever since which as you know, is now the leading online shopping website known today. We also have a store on Etsy and our website. We are a fully registered UK Company registered with HMRC and we are a fully legal entity. We apply all of the same laws and consumer rights here on our website as we do on Amazon and Etsy and so you can be sure of a secure, reliable and efficient service which we provide across the board. Our website also contains the latest SSL Security to keep all of your details private and confidential.